The Invalid Singers

by Bunny & The Invalid Singers

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Bonus track :
"One Time For Good Time" (Ullapul Remix - 2015)

Copyright © 2015 Bearsuit Records, ℗ 2015 Bearsuit Records


Bunny & The Invalid Singers - "The Invalid Singers" (BS028 - 2015)

An absolute treat to behold! Absolutely gorgeous, I think you'll agree with me. Bunny and the Invalid Singers off of the label that is the beginning and end in eclectic electronica, Bearsuit Records.
[In-Tune - Phil Vickery]

What a weird and quite wonderful group enchanting little album.
[Wired - Keith Whitham]

The LP entitled ‘The Invalid Singers’ firmly places the Bunny ones left of centre of everything for “One Time For Good Time” is best described as a post regressive flashback of sorts fractured and fragmented through a mind frazzling eye for what first appears down tempo dimpled noir graced chamber torch soon starts to splinter and evaporate in a murky psychotropic haze of damaged dub drills and out there progressive psych happenings which – and no don’t ask why – in my warped ear view I hear trace elements of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘tusk’ buried deep beneath a wiring shot of fried psychosis.
[Losing Today]

Another triumph, as expected...
[Dandelion Radio - Mark Whitby]

[Reminds] me sometimes of Pascal Comelade’s toy orchestras, combined with the surreal otherworldliness of the Residents. The reoccurring guitar madness throughout the album even allow for occasional parallels to the insane noise rock of the Butthole Surfers. What makes The Invalid Singers stand out from other experimental indie pop albums is the fact that in Bunny’s musical universe, the more earnest side of composed music is fluffed up with wah-wah ridden guitar sections, thus dragging the album into a rather uncharted territory between art and entertainment. You will be rewarded with constantly new discoveries after every repeated listening.

It's a great album! I really like this …it goes all over the place! Great titles as well!
[The Art of Bleep - PBS FM - Evan Carr]

There are elements of sixties style pop, electronic music, industrial music and even classical music contained within this album. The album itself may well be bewildering in places on first listen, but repeated plays reveal more and more and, ultimately, you end up with something rather special. There are certain bands who I think this record shows traces of like Pavement or Einsturzende Neubauten whose work has a similar effect on this listener and that's no bad thing at all. Throughout the album there are moments that are so inventive you can't help but love it. It's an adventure you don't want to miss out on...
[Almost Predictable Almost]

That's crazy..!! [The Unravelling Of Sandy Wallace]

Electronic, glitchy, anarchic cacophony marrying the abrasive industrialization of Faust or Einsturzende Neubauten with catchy tunes from the Depeche Mode School of Dance. But just when you thought it safe to head out onto the dancefloor, he pulls the rug out from under you... So pack a bag lunch, grab some popcorn and choc-ies, and settle in for a satisfying evening of dreamy film music, punctuated by the odd pneumatic drill to the back of the skull
[Soundblab - Jeff Penczak]

Bunny has just released his second album, "The Invalid Singers" and this track ["Ask The Man Inside Your Head"] is one of the standouts on what is a superb album.
[Scottish Fiction]

This ([Bunny's] second album, finds him performing, recording and producing most of the material himself – though there are notable vocal contributions from Asuka Tanaka of Japan and Trixie Delight of Germany on the track, “The Invalid Singers." Other than these vocals, the album is an instrumental mix of inventive synths, guitars and noise.
[Floorshime Zipper Boots]

That's amazing stuff [“Into Chinas Arms”]. Heard a little bit in there that reminded me of Broadcast. B & TIS sure know how to write a good tune. On tenderhooks for this full release as ever, as Bunny & The Invalid Singers produce such lush music. Hope this track ends up on everyone's playlist.
[In-Tune - Phil Vickery]

Ovo je definitivno album za malo zahtjevniju publiku kojoj nije jedino na pameti zarazna melodija koju će pjevušiti narednih dana, tjedana, mjeseci... Opet, s druge strane, ovo je synth pop provučen kroz trip-hop, eksperimentalnu i ambijentalnu glazbu...

♥♥♥ my head is full of a wonderful fuzzz ...this is a gem! [“Ask The Man Inside Your Head”]
['D9K' - Dale Karvonen]

I love this record - great work!

The programming of the drums and keyboards added an electronic vibe/groove to the music and combined with the guitars it sometimes sounded quite post rock like. Best pieces were 'The Unravelling Of Sandy Wallace' and 'Annie & The Station Orchestra' - short, funny and to the point.
[Vital Weekly]

Absolute great musical storytelling [“Into China Arms”]
[Low Force Halo]

An amazing explosion of whacky distorted guitars on "One Time For Good Time", the hot needles by which Bunny turns a simple melody into a warm blanket on "Hallucinating Felt Beasts", the amazing opening track, "Ask The Man Inside Your Head", the innocent and almost fairy delicacy of "Gift To Gift", which sounds like the sonic rendering of your very first birthdays... References to [artists] such as Robert Wyatt, Piero Umiliani, Ennio Morricone, Galaxie 500 and even The Carpenters pop out of the release like mushrooms are just some of the evidence of his weird approach to composition. Check it out!
[Chain D.L.K – Vito Camarretta]

Naslovna tema "The Invalid Singers" je provedena kroz dvije varijante insinuirajući komorni dream-pop s letargičnim shoegaze elementima i razvučenim vokalima Asuke Tanake, te zanimljivim 'fučkavim' efektima u melodiji, tako da na koncu od svega najupečatljivije stoji indie-pop šmek s ne dovoljno hrabrim raskoračnim stavom što se tiče sveukupnog dojma vrlo bliskog prastarom projektu This Mortal Coil.


Written, recorded and produced by Bunny

Vocals on The Invalid Singer : Asuka Tanaka
Vocals on The Invalid Singer (Alternate Version) : Trixie Delight
Trixie vocals recorded by Dental Drill Slips @ the Patisserie
Artwork : Moray Hillary

Copyright © 2015 Bearsuit Records, ℗ 2015 Bearsuit Records


Many thanks to Asuka Tanaka and Trixie Delight for their involvement in this album...


The Invalid Singers (Alternate Version) is, jut now, only available on the digital album


released June 19, 2015



all rights reserved


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