The Original Magnetic Light Parade

by Yu-chi / Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai

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Yu-chi / AWSTS - "The Original Magnetic Light Parade" (BS019 - 2012)

This is sort of an EP but it is, as ever from Bearsuit, an excellent one. all three remixers have done sterling work. The opening track is the sort of weird broken midi jazz that seems to be unique to Bearsuit, while “The First Star” is essentially a beautiful piece of acoustic guitar with…yes some broken weird midi jazz drums. “Toy Joy” sounds like it was constructed (a la Modified Toy Orchestra) from kids toys, a Casio and an accordion but is a beautiful little number that should soundtrack a forgotten black and white kids show refracted back from the moon. A spooky rework of AWSTS “Cataract” by Gluid is sparsely decorated with harps and bowed saw and he makes a lovely song into a spooky dub oddity while keeping the essentials. Jim Child reworks “Lost In A Forest of Blank Sportswear” into a clanky insectile affair with an 80’s guitar hero ending. The final mix by Rune Martinsen turns “My Drive” into something you might hear resonating through the broken P.A of a vast industrial mining spacecraft a thousand years from now. I’d buy it just for the cover art.
[Sitting Now]

[Cataract] Completely blown away, absolutely amazing work...
[Timothy Forward]

The first track of this odd collaboration between two acts featuring Japanese artists. Yu-chi’s “Bustle, Conflict And Me” sounds like the most demonic of marching bands. Bearsuit Records have earned a reputation for releasing the most curious of music ...They make some surprisingly enjoyable freaky tunes.
[Leonard’s Lair]

Mysterious, unnerving yet devotedly unique, ‘The Original Magnetic Light Parade’ is a skillful work that will reward an open ear.

Awesome work [Cataract] - psychedelic, ironic, dreamy, dirty and indeed a bit apocalyptic - awesome groove and complex sound rooms - really love this neverending developments in here - such a wide sound palette, but respect under the line the bridges hold it together...

Cataract by Gluid (Netherlands) tacks towards an entrancing mellow downbeat whose despondent mood and contemplative halo loom nearby the borderline of musical territories with garrisons by Radiohead, Blue Foundation or Future 3, while the remix of "Lost in the forest of blank sportswear" by Scottish producer Jim Child could resemble to some dozily hallucinated stuff by Mum wrapped in scorched tapes and encircled by buzzing insects
[Chain D.L.K]

[Lost In The Forest...] My favorite from The Original Magnetic Light Parade... Gorgeous song!!

Fans of experimental leftfield indie electronica should whet their appetite, while the mainstream faction is definitely scared away.

[Yu-chi] kao inovantan glazbenik koji je iskoračio iz klišeja na teritorij spajanja pop i klasične glazbe što je najbolje uočljivo u elegično-komornoj "The first star". Posebno je zabavna tema "Toy joy" u kojoj uz veselu minimalističku melodiju na harmonici i akustičnoj gitari kao ritmičku potporu koristi živahan pseći lavež.
Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai svoje kompozicije grade na laganom psihodeličnom ambijentu pod primjetnim utjecajem shoegaze, dream-pop i indietronice s dodatkom eksperimenata.,,

[The First Star] Very beautiful and cinematic ,,,a beautiful song
[The Calm Project]

[Cataract] Strangely beautiful. Mournful yet twinkling sonics. Like a vivid dream. Very cool...
[The Clocktoys]


released December 17, 2012

Tracks 1, 2 & 3 produced by Yu-chi
Tracks 4 produced by Gluid
Track 5 produced by Jim Child
Track 6 produced by Rune Martinsen

Copyright © 2012 Bearsuit Records, ℗ 2012 Bearsuit Records



all rights reserved


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