V​/​A : Captain Woof Woofs' Guitar

by Various Artists

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V/A : Bearsuit Records - "Captain Woof Woofs' Guitar" (BS007 - 2009)

The artists are :
Port Mone (Belarus) / Alone Together (Japan) / The Artificial Sea (USA) / Kirameki (Japan/UK) / Taub (Germany/UK) / Whizz Kid (Belgium/UK) / Per Olund Band (Sweden) / SadoMundo (Italy) / Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai (Japan/UK) / Mr Fritz and Magnitophono (Greece/UK) / The Temple Cloud Country Club (UK) / Lettelete aka Ememe (Japan) / Hidekazu Wakabayashi & Harold Nono (Japan/UK)

There are quirky international albums and then there are albums like ‘Captain Woof Woofs’ Guitar’ which sees talent from across the globe join together to make some very odd music. Although it’s a compilation of artists from the Bearsuit Records label, it sounds more like a world showcase for experimentalism. Yet it’s not all about shocks and surprises; within this compilation are artists who share a common goal for creating music which is intelligent, fascinating and unique.
[Leonards' Lair]

Captain Woof Woofs’ Guitar is a compilation full of musical surprises that should enchant every explorer of hitherto unknown music styles. A small yet fine indie label that does its best to present original music to the world. Experimentalists will have a field day!

There's plenty of interest to be found here, and there isn't a duff or dull track to be found across the 14 collected here. Credit must go to the guys at Bearsuit, not only for finding such a remarkable array of out-there acts, but also for sequencing this compilation so attentively.[Whisperinandhollerin]

It gathers 14 bands/tracks that play songs in balance from pop experimentalism - check The Artificial Sea's "Gloryhole" where you find a mix of early Cocteau Twins, digital noises and a great female voice, the tribal ride made of distorted bass/guitar, percussions and accordion of the opening Port Mone's "River" or the cut-up pop craziness of Kirameki and the opera experimental mix on Per Olund's "The Crippled Court Jester" - to shoegaze music (check the Japanese/English Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai tune)
[Chain D.L.K.]

14 songs impress the listener with moodiness and associations of a rather dark and beautiful spirit. Old favs like Kirameki and Harold Nono shouldn't have and haven't been left out. The cosistency of the quality is rather down-right intriguing and leaving you gasping for more. It's an album that has captured sparks of the new-underground alternative music scene. A load of good and great songs mixed together with some artistically spacey performances ...

A nice compilation where melody and experimentation meet, which will introduce you to new bands.

This sampler showcases the real creativity of what [Bearsuit] have to offer, and experimental it most certainly is.There’s originality gushing out of the ears of their little panda bear suits. From what I can glean from this album, rather than being about genre, they [Bearsuit] seem to be all about a mood or attitude, and a right good one at that.

Taub's "Badlands" weaves acoustic (piano, acoustic bass, glockenspiel) and electronic elements into a gently swinging instrumental with lounge jazz and electro-pop overtones. In addition we get a jubilant piano-and-glockenspiel-laden romp from Whizz Kid, a meditative setting by Italian trio Sadomundo (feat. Harold Nono) for temolo guitar and glockenspiel that eventually gives way to screaming electic guitar lines ("Ninth Train") - and The Temple Cloud Country Club's "A Hole In Water" [which] offers the album's sweetest and, in it's unassuming way, most powerful moment.

This particular release has been compiled with rather more than the usual care and, if you like this sort of thing, then you will find much to enjoy. The Temple Cloud Country Club track sticks out [as do the tracks] from Milenka and Mr Fritz & Magnitophono...

Kompilacija je svakako zanimljiva po svojim različitostima koje variraju od grubog industriala sve do nježnih i letargičnih pop zvukova, kao i po svojim mnogobrojnim eksperimentima koje su glazbenici satkali u nju. Nekolicina pjesama je uzeta sa oficijelnih albuma, koje bi s vremenom valjalo barem preslušati, ako ne i detaljno prostudirati, te sve skupa uz bogata idejna nadahnuća može poslužiti i više od običnog svakodnevnog backgrounda kada se slušatelj želi opustiti i otploviti u čarobnu i šarenu, sanjarski ležernu atmosferu.

[c] & [p] Bearsuit Records 2007


released May 6, 2009

Copyright © 2009 Bearsuit Records & ℗ 2009 Bearsuit Records



all rights reserved


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