Swamp Sounds / Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods

by Swamp Sounds / Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods

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"Swamp Sounds / Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods" (BS035 - 2017)

Swamp Sounds :
01. Marionette
02. Skull Disco
03. Moon Circle
04. Kontra
05. Houndstooth

Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods :
06. Harry Smith's Paper Planes
07. Portrait In Egg Cup
08. The Comfort Zinger
09. Song For Broken Zinger
10. Autoroute

Bonus tracks (only available on Bandcamp) :

11. "Strobo Angel" by Swamp Sounds
12. "BNW (My Time Isn't Up)" by Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods


"Swamp Sounds / Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods" (BS035 - 2017)

Exploring deep into the seam of the strange and excavating new layers of the uncanny, it’s all spectacularly oddball and wilfully weird, but without being smug or irritatingly zany in execution.
[Aural Aggravation]

A diverse take on electronic music ranging from glitchy sci-fi vibes, to sublime orchestral leaning pieces. This is a great split album and is a must have for all experimental music aficionados
[Floorshime Zipper Boots]

[Marionette] a kind of skittering post-apocalyptic technoid sore thumb with Wagon Christ workings powered by a frantically animated Aphex industry. An impishly wiring cornucopia of fracturing nanobot sound engineering
[The Sunday Experience]

The LP is stupidly brilliant! I'm loving it! Top quality, top drawer, top shelf, top dollar, top mark!
[Phil Vickery - In-Tune, Bcfm]

Always strange and intriguing we can always count on Bearsuit to challenge our expectations of what music can do for us in the 21st century, and this split endeavor never fails to give us pause to wonder about the possibilities of electronic music in all its permutations.
[It's Psychedelic Baby! Magazine]

[Harry Smith's Paper Planes] Isn't that beautiful...
[Tom Ravenscroft - BBC 6 Music]

As we've come to expert from Bearsuit, the release is a triumph of experimentation paired with the kind of obtuse hooks that somehow lift the whole thing very much into the realm of the eminently listenable. At times bewildering, at other times faintly unsettling, but always mad and always magnificent: get it...
[Unwashed Territories]

Great release, somewhere between genius and lunacy but in a very good way. This is an absolutely brilliant release!
[Tom Byrne - The Sentient]

[Swamp Sounds] maximal, upbeat, breathlessly psychedelic electronica. [Uncle Pops and the Dumbloods] a little bit darker, with more an industrial edge, but the two artists fit well together on a split.
[ The Modern Folk Music Of America]

Fantastic track [Moon Circles] by Swamp Sounds – all over the place – but in a good way! From the reliably weird and wonderful Bearsuit Records
[Dani Charlton – Amazing Radio]

A surprisingly listenable split-album of experimental music. Once again, this small indie label has shown how much intriguing music can be discovered below the radar of commercial accessibility.

I can recommend Uncle Pops & the Dumbloods for those who need something more experimental in their ears, yet that still has some damn fine memorable melodies. [The album] is a fantastic collection of audial mood-swings. Adhering nicely to the notion that there are no true limits to what can be placed together musically, except the limits the artist is either trapped by or conforming to.
[Scarecrow Musings]

[Swamp Sounds] massive sounds of bouncing tunes, hyper sensitive rhythms & quirky keyboards. [Uncle Pops] takes the listener for an interesting journey, even when it goes off the rails every now and then.
[Vital Weekly]

Cajuntronica [Uncle Pops : 'Portrait in an Eggcup']
[Sine FM]

Koliko je Swamp Sounds rastrgan i zabavno neurotičan, toliko je Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods nježan u svojoj neodređenoj romantici s kojom ne kibicira nikakve pretenciozne poduhvate, a čitav album od 36 i pol minuta neopterećeno nastavlja finu strategiju Bearsuit Records da ovakva split izdanja imaju svoj vješti balans alternativnog popa, elektronike, eksperimenata, duhovitosti, katkad i plesnih tempova, no nikada nisu dosadna, monotona ili nezanimljiva.

A wonderful, wondrous new discovery. You can always rely on Bearsuit.
[New Weird Planet Wireless Show]

[Uncle Pop's] science fiction travails make ephemeral references to Murcof, Bowie’s Heroes peregrinations [&] Ryuichi Sakamoto. [Swamp Sound's] tracks such as Skull Disco feed Daft Punk through a dial-up connection and grinder, and Houndstooth sends Atari Teenage Riot to a laser quest showdown. For us the listener these experiments prove intriguing; bringing to our attention some unique artists, working on the peripherals of sonic reinvention and cut-up mania.
[Monolith Cocktail]

2 tracks [“Marionette” & “Portrait In An Egg Cup”] from a split album between Swamp Sounds and Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods from the excellent Bearsuit Records out of Scotland – available now
[Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone – BBC6 Music]

My goodness... that [Portrait In An Egg Cup] was absolutely barmy! I don't know where they [Uncle Pops] are from - Mars is probably the best bet! A fantastic album! Well worth grabbing. Superb stuff!
[Keith Whitham - Wired]

[Harry Smith's Paper Planes] Cool groove and Sounds! Brutal!
[Electric R]


released March 24, 2017

Tracks 1 - 5 : written, recorded and produced by Swamp Sounds
Tracks 6 - 10 : written recorded and produced by Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods

Hand claps on "The Comfort Zinger" : Louis & Isaac
Samples from the legendary Pep Boys on "Autoroute" and "BNW (My Time Isn't Up)"


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